Muscle training, reading and meditation are the strongest solutions to enhance your Resourcefulness Muscle training, reading and meditation are the strongest solutions to enhance your !


Muscle training, reading and meditation enhance Resourcefulness ??

Many people are worried that they want to improve their Resourcefulness!

“I have something I want to do, but I’m scared and can’t take a step forward.”

“I’m depressed by a casual word told by another person, and I drag it forever.”

“I feel frustrated and unforgivable, and I get mentally tired.”

All of this can be solved by doing muscle training, reading and meditation to improve your Resourcefulness.

If you do not improve your Resourcefulness, you will not notice the chance and you will not be able to take on the challenge.

Life will be boring.

There are many ways to improve your abilities, but muscle training, reading and meditation are especially recommended.

Personally, it is no exaggeration to say that these three are a golden combination.

Muscle training, reading and meditation

Body, mind, and spirit

This is the best method to enhance.

Why are these three good for improving Resourcefulness?



Why muscle training, reading and meditation are good for improving Resourcefulness! !!

Muscle training

“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”

This is a word that is often heard in the recent muscle training boom, but this is true.

Many scientific studies support that strength training works to improve mental health.

Especially by muscle training

“Irritation,” “anxiety,” “chronic pain,” “cognitive function,” “deterioration of sleep quality,” “decrease in self-esteem.”

There is research that works positively about such things.

(Reference book: “Super muscle training is the strongest solution” Testosterone Takashi Kubo)

Also, if you really want to grow your muscles, you have to pay attention to your diet and sleep.

It is known that no matter how much muscle training you do, if you sleep for a short time or if you have a diet that is biased toward sugar, your muscles will not grow, but rather decrease.

Therefore, when you do muscle training, you will naturally develop a desire to grow muscles, and you will be more conscious of eating and sleeping, and your overall health consciousness will increase.

In addition, increasing muscles increases blood flow to the whole body, which activates internal organs and brain.

The secretion of dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone, which are said to be happy substances in the brain, increases and makes you feel better.

Another feature of muscle training is that you can easily feel the growth.

If you have muscles in your chest and shoulders on the bench press, you can feel that “I have widened my shoulders” without looking in the mirror. I feel like I’m wearing armor (laughs)

When I look in the mirror, I am in front of me, who is strong and cool!

Being able to realize “I have grown up” and “I can do it” will increase my self-affirmation and make me feel better.

It’s legal and harmless addiction to feel good and motivated by muscle training, so there’s no reason not to do it!


“Reading for 6 minutes reduces brain stress by about 70%.”

It’s a well-known study, but rather than relaxing with coffee or music in a study at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The results show that reading for just 6 minutes is effective in relieving stress in the brain.

Have you ever had the experience of relieving stress and increasing self-affirmation just by reading?

For those who say “No”, please read only 4 more lines without going to a different page!

Reading is a handy tool to improve yourself anytime, anywhere.

The reason why I think the combination of muscle training and reading is the best in my experience

Reading with muscle training enhances the ability to execute not only inputting written content as knowledge but also outputting it.

Perhaps because you read with muscle training and high levels of “motivational substances” such as dopamine and testosterone, you’ll want to take action as an output rather than just laying down what you’ve gained as knowledge!

Also, by reading, you can broaden your horizons and escape from the narrow world. Expanding your horizons leads to an increase in self-affirmation. (Reference book: “Textbook of self-affirmation” Teru Nakajima)

It’s a little exaggerated, but …

You may want to quit the company and become independent the month after you start reading.


“Meditation is good for the mind and body”

With the recent mindfulness boom, I think it is well known that meditation is good for the mind and body.

I also incorporate meditation into my life by reading mindfulness books, attending Vipassana meditation camps, and actively participating in community meditations.

Although muscle training can improve your ability to act, I feel that meditation is even more effective.

in particular,

“Muscle training is annoying today.” “I decided to go to the gym, but I’m getting tired.”

At that time, if you do the first meditation in the morning for 30 minutes, your mind will be refreshed and your laziness will disappear from your head.

That’s right,

By meditating, you can break the gap between “feelings you have to do” and “feelings you don’t want to do”.

(Reference book: “People who can do it right away” and “People who can’t do it” Ryo Tsukamoto)

In addition, there are some people who are rushed to gain muscles by doing muscle training and impose excessive hard training on themselves due to obsessive thoughts.

If you break your body with that, you will fall down.

If you have a meditation habit, you will be more likely to notice such “impulsion”, “body change”, and “impure vanity”.

You can avoid muscle training overwork by meditating and regaining your composure.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform meditation and muscle training as a set to maintain the balance between mind and body.

And it is well known that meditation improves the autonomic nervous system and improves the quality of sleep.

Improving the quality of sleep leads to improving the quality of life.

It is also during sleep that you train to recover and enlarge your injured muscles, and it is also during sleep that you remember the knowledge you gained from reading and put it into your brain.

For these reasons, “muscle training and meditation” and “reading and meditation” are a good combination.

For those who want to meditate with muscle training and reading

It is important to grow your mind in order to improve your Resourcefulness.

A healthy body and a healthy way of thinking are essential for that.

Get a strong body and an unbreakable spirit with muscle training, reading and meditation.