“Living for someone” cannot be happy! There are only two reasons.


Live for someone? Or do you live for yourself?

In this article, I would like to think about the meaning of life.

From the conclusion,

Don’t ask for the meaning of life for “going for someone”

I don’t think I can be happy if I live for someone.

I think this idea is important to strengthen my heart and live happily.

What do you mean?

If you are interested, please read on.


 Introduction-Don’t live for someone-

Have you ever thought about “the meaning of your life”?

It’s easy to think that it’s easy to think about this, but

I think it’s better to think of both healthy and depressed people.

Certainly when my heart is tired

“Why do I have to live with such a painful feeling?”

It makes it easier to think about it.

In such a case, it is necessary to face that feeling thoroughly.

But on the contrary, what about when your life is going well and your heart is fine?

I don’t really think about it.

But regardless of when you’re fine or depressed, it’s always a question of what it means to live and what you want to do.

It will lead to a fulfilling life in the future.

And when something goes wrong and you get lost in your life

By solidifying your beliefs, you can become a person who can solve problems without wasting energy.

 You cannot be happy with the way of life “for someone”! Only two reasons.


Reason (1): The situation where you can live for someone does not always continue

When thinking about the meaning of life

Let’s stop the stance of “living for someone”.

It’s certainly great at first glance to sacrifice yourself for someone else to work, endure, and do your best.

However, if you ask for the meaning of living in the idea of ​​”living for people”,

It’s easy for you to get lost and you can’t live your life according to your mission.

Until the 40s and 50s, you can contribute to your family, your company, and your community, and the sense of contribution can make you happy.

However, after about 60, the body gradually weakens, and more people take care of their surroundings rather than contributing to others.

Of course, there are many people who are still active on the front lines even if they are over 60 or 70 years old.

However, every person will definitely be weakened.

And death will surely come to everyone equally.

At the end of such a weakened life, it is difficult to say that we will live for the sake of others and society.

As long as the original purpose of leaving offspring is over

Asked, “What are you living for?”

It’s hard to say, “I live to help society.”

In reality, it becomes less and less useful, so that is not the answer.

Quote: “The meaning of living from the age of 60” Seiichi Morimura Tsutomu Hotta

In other words, living for someone and for society cannot be the original purpose and meaning of life.

Reason (2) There are many things that are “for someone” but not for that “someone”

Let’s say that there is a person who is in good health forever and can make a lot of social contributions for others.

Then, this time, the person they have exhausted, what are they living for?

And what are the children they gave birth to and the people they exhausted living for?

When the person who exhausted is spending time with a slapstick without any particular meaning,

The meaning of the life of a person who has exhausted is lost.

Being too obsessed with living for someone can also deprive others of opportunities for personal growth.

Depriving a person of growth can even be a sin in the long run.

The person who helped does not necessarily mean “let’s be the helper this time”.

It is strange to say to the other person, “Meaning in life” or “Do your best for someone.”

Being obsessed with the reaction of the other person and doing something in anticipation of something from the other person leads to disgust and suffering.

Besides, it’s awkward and uncool.

Conclusion: “The meaning of life” should not be sought from others or society. → Then how do you live?

Dedicate to others for “for yourself”

Don’t do anything useful to others!


Living for people is ridiculous! I don’t want to say that.

Rather, we should do our best for people and contribute to society.

But that’s just for myself.

We do not contribute to others in the hope of reward.

It is just to accumulate my virtue and to get a true sense of happiness.

When we realize that human beings are beneficial to the world, we have the courage to live and our hearts are truly filled (Adler’s sense of community).

Also, rather than asking the meaning of life, being a person who is being asked by the world from life.

By answering that question concretely, your life will be fulfilled (VE Frankl’s logotherapy).

All of them try to be beneficial to other companies and the world in order to satisfy their own lives.

The ultimate goal is for yourself, not for others.

When I was in the position of thinking about my “meaning of living”

The idea that “living for someone other than yourself is the meaning of life and the purpose of life” is unreasonable.

In such a stance, I think the time will come when you will feel helpless and tired.

The “meaning of life” built on self-sacrifice robs the energy of the mind and

You will not be able to fulfill your original purpose in life.

The way of life to live for others and to contribute to society is

It’s still a sublime and wonderful way of life.

“For someone” cannot be the “meaning of life” or the “purpose of life.”

First of all, I will be happy

Professor Emeritus Kazuaki Takada of Hamamatsu University School of Medicine said about human happiness as follows.

If Zen teaches the supreme truth, it must also apply to events in the general public, but the interpretation can be done by each person’s own insight.

To that end, I must strive to be happy.

Quote: “Inspiring Zen Quotations” Kazuaki Takada

If you want to apply Zen ideas to society, it is important that you are happy first.

In other words, if you think that doing something for others is the meaning of your life, it is important to think first of all that you will be happy as a major premise.

some people,

“Don’t just think about your own happiness”

“I have to put it off.”

“You can make people happy only if you are prepared to sacrifice yourself.”

“I don’t call myself aspiration”

There may be a person who says.

However, if you can’t feel happy in doing something for others,

You can’t do it for others.

Only when you think you are happy can you work for others.

Of course, those who feel unhappy cannot make others happy.


Striving to be happy means

It’s not a selfish idea …

Rather, it can be said that it is an essential effort to contribute to others.

If you are happy, you can make your surroundings happy, or your surroundings will naturally become happy.

As a result, you can truly “live for others.”

It ’s worth the effort every day to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

It is important to be free from the suffering of jealousy, competitiveness and defeat.

By contributing to others without any self-sacrifice, people naturally become happy.

I interpret that you can feel the meaning of life.


I myself have been involved in the field of contact with people in welfare work,

The more often the staff say, “I can do my best for people,” the more

It seems that there were only people who couldn’t afford it.

And the better people who have been caring for a long time, the better

Many people couldn’t recover from the mental shock when they got stuck.

Both may be people who have not found the original “meaning of life”.

Well, I was the medical staff who couldn’t find it .