12 ways to increase NINGEN RYOKU(Resourcefulness )


This is the way to increase NINGENRYOKU!

The word NINGEN RYOKU does not exist in English.
It is a word unique to Japan.
In English, Resourcefulness is a word with a similar meaning.

Therefore, I dare to replace it with the word Resourcefulness here.





Comprehensive power to compose and manage society and live powerfully as an independent human being

Quote: Wikipedia

By wearing this, you can make others and yourself happy.

A person who is strong, kind, and has an independent and clean life.

The charm that the person creates is just like the aura of a person with high resourcefulness.

Here are 12 items on how to improve your NINGENRYOKU(Resourcefulness ).

Here are 12 ways to increase resourcefulness!

① Change words

People who are trusted by others have beautiful language.

We do not give off intense words or words that hurt people’s hearts.

That’s because I know that when I use dirty words, my heart gets dirty.

If you swear or grudge at someone with dirty words,

“Situations that make you want to say it again”

I know that will come.

However, there are people who are not good at it.

Even for those who are not good at it, do not use negative expressions, but use clean and positive expressions as much as possible.

At least that makes me feel better.


× “I don’t like him. He’s supposed to have a hard time in the future.”

〇 “I don’t like that person, but that’s fine.”

② Don’t say a backbit

It is important to use clean and gentle words instead of intense words.

But even if the wording is correct

Words that hurt people other than yourself or that deny the existence of others

Never say it.

Doing that will reduce your luck.

People with high resourcefulness know that criticizing others’ secrets reduces their value to others, and

I also know that my value to myself will decrease.

Above all, those who cannot accept values ​​other than themselves are proof that their hearts are childish.

Also, even if the person in front of you is saying someone’s secret

Don’t be swearing together.

Even if the other person asks for your consent, refuse it.


“He was very rude to me. What do you think?”

× “No, it’s really impossible, he can’t do that either.”

◯ “There may be such a place, but there is always a hard place.”

③ Have a heart of gratitude

At any time, if you have a gratitude, you and others will feel comfortable.

When I see a person who can be grateful to nature, I feel some respect and admiration for that person.

Also, just looking at it will give you a feeling of washing your mind.

The important thing here is

Instead of being grateful only in situations where anyone can thank

Even in situations where you can’t seem to appreciate it

Can you be grateful? is.

For example, if the salary of the company you work for goes down,

Far from being grateful, sad feelings,

Most people will feel angry.

But use your imagination there,

If you think about things from the other person’s point of view,

Surprisingly, you can find a clue to gratitude.

[When the salary is lowered]

× “President and managers! I’ll just quit this company someday, thinking only about fertilizing my own clothes!”

◯ “I think the president was worried about this decision. I’m grateful that he paid me that much salary when the company was in trouble. So I’ll continue to cooperate with the company.”

④ Make people happy

People with high resourcefulness do not work for their own self-interest

To work and act for others

I know that it will ultimately lead to my own happiness.

In other words, acting altruistically is actually

We know that it is the “ultimate selfishness”.

People spend most of their time working while they are awake.

What do you do for your work?

For us to live,

This is because the work makes people in the world live comfortably.

In other words, the essence of work is to please people in the world.

Therefore, the essence of living can be said to please people.

People with high resourcefulness always act with the idea of ​​making people happy.

If you get lost in your life

Which choice can please a lot of people?

Please put it on the balance.

If you can please a lot of people,

Your own joy will increase infinitely.

⑤ Don’t just insist in conversation, turn to the listener

There are people in the world who misunderstand the meaning of the word communication ability.

It is considered good not to make silence in communication,

To talk a lot and provide a topic

Some people think it’s about making them happy without getting bored.

In fact, this is often not the case.

To take the example of a salesman,

Salespeople who cannot sell continue to talk about the appealing points of the product.

It doesn’t matter what the other person is interested in

If you keep talking about the strengths of the product unilaterally, the other party will convince you and buy it someday.

I am convinced.

In fact, if there was such a sales person, I would like to use the absence even if the intercom rings.

On the other hand, the sales position that sells naturally turns into a listener.

You can listen carefully and listen in good faith to what your customers want to say.

This doesn’t just give the customer the initiative in the conversation,

I am able to draw out what the other person wants to talk about.

Then, the other party is attracted to the personality of the sales person, not the product,

“I want to buy a product from this person”

It will become.

In other words, the salesman who is selling is

I know it’s important to make the other person happy by listening, so

It is accompanied by human power.

Not in sales talks, but in conversations in everyday life

People who can draw out the story of the other person naturally have a charm that attracts people.

I’m sure that having that person listen to you will save your heart.

⑥ Don’t get angry

Sometimes I don’t get what I want

When you are criticized for yourself, you may get angry.

To a greater or lesser extent, people have such feelings.

However, those who have emotional patterns that make them angry quickly need to be careful.

Anger and resourcefulness are the opposite.

A person who is criticized by a person and gets angry strangely is a person who has low self-affirmation and low human power.

So if you criticize yourself even a little,

It seems that all of me has been criticized

I will continue to be angry with the person who has criticized me.

If you feel that you are truly being criticized by the other person, take a moment to check your mind.

“Are you not happy now?”

“Are you not able to accept yourself?”

Anyone who can confidently answer “no” to these two questions

Even if criticized, it will not move.

After all, the criticism of a person is only the subjectivity of that person.

For those who love criticism

“Oh, that person is a person who makes a sense of superiority by making a fool of someone who is different from him. He’s a poor person.”

“He thinks that by giving the other person mental distress, his distress will be reduced. He’s a poor person.”

I turn my pitiful thoughts and dodge it.

This is the style of criticism of people with high human power.

I never get angry.

⑦ Do work that people do not want to do

Doing a job that you hate can sometimes seem like torture.

Jobs that people don’t want to do, so-called “mud jobs,”

I don’t like to do it in itself, and I’m worried about the eyes from the people around me, and I experience double pain.

Also, even in seemingly honorable jobs such as class representatives of classes and officers of neighborhood associations,

It’s actually pushing each other around.


Actively undertake work that everyone does not want to do,

If you can find meaning in the job,

How happy are you?

Those who find meaning in the work and work hard

It is attractive to everyone.

Also, there is no training that improves resourcefulness as hard work that everyone does not want to do.

What you have provided to the world through that work is

The recipient will also receive it as a hearty and special thing.

You can make others happy, and your own resourcefulness will be refined and you will be happy.

Especially in the Buddhist world

“Care for parents is a practice that can be the most virtuous”

It seems that it is thought.

Hard work and work that no one wants to do depends on how you look at things.

⑧ Be bright at all times

When you have done a lot of damage to your company

Also when I make a mistake

It’s something that blames you and darkens your heart.

Many people can’t tolerate their mistakes and mistakes, which makes them atrophied.

However, people with high resourcefulness accept themselves and

And you can overcome it and turn it into positive power.

Anyone can make a mistake. Not everyone intentionally makes mistakes or mistakes.

You don’t have to blame yourself forever just because you made a mistake or because you made a mistake.

You should live brightly without shoulders and elbows.

If you’re wrong, admit it openly,

If you live with positive thinking, your human power will increase further.

Failures and mistakes are, so to speak, commonplace.

When such a natural situation occurs

Do you live dark? Do you live brightly? Is

Isn’t it up to that person?

⑨ Pay attention to your diet

As the old saying, “I’m hungry and I don’t need a doctor”

It is important to have a moderate and well-balanced diet.

“The bugs in my stomach don’t fit”

“The belly is boiling over”

Like the words

The fact that your stomach condition and emotions are closely related means that

It can be seen from the words that have been used for a long time.

When you’re sick, you can’t get it with a calm mind.

And it’s hard to make a calm judgment, right?

A person with high resourcefulness is a person with stable emotions.

It goes without saying that eating too much or drinking too much can lead to a state of mind.

⑩ Exercise moderately

A person with high resourcefulness is a person who can provide joy to the world by working.

He is also a person who can make people happy through relationships and communication.

When I say something, I get tired and can’t move

People who tend to take time off from work

It is unlikely that we can provide value to the world.

Even if the people around you are tired, the people who move to help those around you are people with high human power.

Building physical strength and gaining a body that does not get tired are indispensable for building human power.

⑪ Share happiness

Those who are rich in resourcefulness do not use the happiness they have gained just for themselves.

Share with others.

In particular, the income you earn is not just for you,

Donate or donate to help people in need

It is used to please people other than yourself.

that is,

By learning to make money, the ego gradually grows

Attachment to money,

The source of suffering is the attachment to oneself (I am great because I earn money).

People with high resourcefulness know that their feelings hurt them.

So share the money you make with others.

By doing so, you can maintain a sense of mission for your work and a sense of satisfaction that is more rewarding than anyone else.

Sharing happiness with others is

It is also a commandment to the “ego” that is the source of suffering.

⑫ Read a lot

Reading is the best way to enrich resourcefulness.

If you try to live by your own thoughts, you tend to be too particular about your own thoughts and become more obsessed with and useless pride.

When you are worried, when you are in pain, when you are afraid

If you learn how to interpret like a wise man, the day will come when even your worries will seem fun.


“By reading, about 70% of the stress in the brain is reduced.”

There is also a research result.

Reading, which allows you to acquire diverse values ​​and become stress-resistant,

It can be said that it is an indispensable “living technique” to enhance resourcefulness.

Let’s wear NINGENRYOKU (Resourcefulness) and live a life without hesitation!

It’s been a long article, but there are 12 ways to increase resourcefulness.

Some people may be disappointed if they want to do everything.

From what seems to be possible, by gradually putting it into practice

Eventually, you will be able to live a life with less hesitation.