Three benefits of forgiveness! -If you forgive others you can’t forgive, a miracle may occur-


Forgiveness has a tremendous effect!

By acquiring the habit of forgiveness, your anger and depression will decrease!

And self-affirmation also increases!

In this blog, I will write about the experiences and useful information of the reading therapist TOMO, who overcame the bottom of my life by reading.

◎◎ “Forgiveness” -What I learned from the traffic accident I experienced-

This time I will write about “forgiveness”.

I had a traffic accident before.

Fortunately, my car was dented and I couldn’t get a satisfactory guarantee from the insurance company.

The other person was also a little lacking in sincerity, and there was no firm apology, and he was self-defeating.

I was desperately looking for a law firm, trying to get rid of the other person.

I was frustrated and stiff, and I couldn’t sleep at night. The disposition that makes me think “I wish that guy died!”

But from that experience, I learned the benefits of taking the plunge and forgiving.


Three reasons why we recommend “forgiveness” anyway!


 ① If you cannot forgive, you will be unhealthy

I was sick of myself.

So I took the plunge and reset my head and decided to forgive my opponent.

I can’t forgive the unpleasant partner, I can’t forgive things that go wrong, I can’t forgive this situation now.

If you say “I can’t forgive”, your sympathetic nerves will be stimulated and your body will inevitably become stiff.

So take the plunge and say “forgive”.

You don’t have to actually forgive it. Just put it in words.

② If you forgive, you will be healthy

The etymology of forgiveness is “to loosen”.

In other words, relax your body. “Forgive” is the ultimate way to eliminate stiffness.

Forgiveness means not binding things or anyone other than yourself. In other words, loosen it.

Also, loosen yourself without tying it up. This is the etymology of forgiveness.

A loose life is also good.

So what about not being able to forgive?

To bind and restrain people and things other than yourself. Take away your freedom.

Also, bind yourself with a straitjacket.

In other words, people who often think “I can’t forgive”

I have robbed myself of living freely.

* As an aside, in Buddhism, there are four important things to keep in mind in order to live happily.

Brahmavihara, the so-called “mercy,” “sadness,” “joy,” and “discarding.” (Ji, Hi, Ki, Sha) →「慈」「悲」「喜」「捨」

“Ji” is a heart of compassion. In other words, it is a heart that wishes the other person’s happiness.

“Sadness” is a heart that sympathizes with the sadness of the other person.

“Ki” is a heart that sympathizes with the joy of the other person.

“Disposal” is the mind to abandon one’s attachment. In other words, a strong thirst and a heart to let go of disgust. This includes the heart to forgive the other person.

Isn’t it the most difficult and most important thing for modern people to have this “discard” mind?

In a good sense, having a “throwing heart” means having a forgiving heart, so your mind and body will relax and you and your partner will be happy.

[Reference book]

→ Practice that does not respond Buddha’s super-rational “thinking” that all worries disappear

→ Don’t be obsessed

→ Hitori Saitou 15 minutes happy lucky- “a very easy way to become a successful person in life”

③ Forgiving yourself enhances your Resourcefulness !

By telling the insurance company that I would actually forgive the other person, not only did I feel better, but the other person in the accident also changed. The settlement negotiations went smoothly.

There was an apology later from the other party.

Often it is myself who is really unforgivable.

That is why my heart is cramped and painful.

It may be difficult, but let’s forgive yourself.

A self that is useless, a self that is short-tempered, a self that cannot forgive others, a self that cannot do its best.

Let’s forgive all that. Then your mind and body will be relaxed and comfortable.

If you can’t forgive, say, “I will forgive myself, who I can’t forgive.”

By saying “I forgive myself” or chanting with my heart

The body naturally unravels, making it easier for you to come up with good thoughts and inspiration.

Because in order to awaken the sleeping ability of human beings,

This is because it is said that a deep relaxation state is necessary.

Growing oneself and being tolerant of others also leads to improvement of Resourcefulness .

“Forgive yourself” is a great effect.

Forgiveness greatly enhances Resourcefulness .


“Forgive people are just good people.”

“A stupid person who is losing his life”

“Weak guy with a small heart”

You might be teased like that, but it doesn’t matter what people think of it.

The situation that cares about that is obviously wasted time and wasted energy.

When the mind is ticking, the body is ticking.

This can also distort your body and impair blood flow to your brain.

In fact, this idea is commonplace in the world of integrative medicine.

It is not good for you to have an unforgivable heart and an angry heart.

With anger, he loses his autonomic balance and falls into a frustrating spiral.

If such a property becomes a pattern in the body, it will make me feel depressed.

It is easy to get all kinds of unhealthy and incurable illnesses.

Throw away my overhanging, crappy pride and have real pride that helps others.

I think that true pride is to be happy and to contribute to people from the energy that springs from it.

In my case, it was nothing but ridiculous to hurt my car a little and damage my health.